B) Managing health and safety

Obtain safe behavior

Reaching the famous “zero accidents” objective by making employees more aware of their responsibilities in terms of health and safety, as well as making them behave safely at work is a little like the quest for the Holy Grail, the treasure coveted by practically all organizations and the solution to virtually all industrial accident prevention problems.

We often hear that nearly 90% of accidents are linked to unsafe behaviours. It would be logical, therefore, to want to solve this problem first, in order to maximize businesses’ prevention performance.

This very simple work demystifies the winding road to the Holy Grail once and for all. However, this coveted road may not be what you are expecting.


In this book:

The introduction aims to help the reader understand the origins of behavioural approaches in prevention. This is done through short and very light analogies, as well as some historical overviews.

Chapter 1 – Your Health and Safety Strategy

Chapter 1 establishes the importance of setting up a health and safety strategy and illustrates how a strategy that is not designed on the basis of fundamental logic in risk management can lead to disaster.

Chapter 2 – Management and Safe Behaviour Systems

This chapter explains in simple terms the importance of roles and responsibilities in health and safety management. These roles and responsibilities make up the management systems of our organizations, but also determine each player's behaviour in the matter of prevention within the organization.

Chapter 3 – Human Resources and Behaviour Management

Several human resources management procedures, such as recruitment, task description, performance evaluation and development plan implementation, are too often set apart from health and safety. This chapters discusses the effect these procedures have on people's behaviour.

Chapter 4 – How to Manage Behaviours Quickly

Have you ever tried to change someone? Without a doubt, it was a long and unfruitful experience for those who have tried. Do you want to get results within a reasonable time frame? The subject is addressed in this chapter.

B) Managing health and safety

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