C) Managing health and safety

Applying Military Strategies to OHS

Occupational health and safety is risk management, and, in order to manage these risks, you must have prepared and implemented a risk management strategy, or else you are improvising. The military probably has the greatest expertise in strategy of any sector, because they have been practising it throughout the ages.


At the sight of this title and concept, many of you will frown and gnash your teeth, expecting a culture based on orders that does not take the entire person into account. This is absolutely not the case, to the contrary: the book aims to describe the importance of a good risk management strategy, of making it known, and encouraging employees to participate, mobilizing them and helping them understand their roles and responsibilities in the matter of health and safety.


In this book:
Chapter 1 – Building Your Strategy

Chapter 1 examines the importance of adopting a health and safety strategy based on the 20% of efforts that produce 80% of the results. The reason is simple: the two strengths that allow you to implement your strategy—time and money—are limited. This is why every dollar and every minute must be used in a way that gives them as much weight as possible.

Chapter 2 – Strategy, Roles and Responsibilities

If people don't properly understand or fulfil their role, we feel (and rightly so!) as if we are being thrown into chaos. This chapter explains the importance of each player's roles and responsibilities in implementing the strategy.

Chapter 3 – Health and Safety Mobilization and Leadership

What good is the best prevention strategy in the world if no one takes ownership of it or puts it into practice? It's useless. This chapter shows you several ways to avoid this situation.

Chapter 4 – Communicating Your Strategy

How many problems in your organization are related to communication? Thousands, most likely, and health and safety are no exception. All too often, we assume that once something has been communicated, it has been understood. This chapter will help you avoid this significant mistake.

Chapter 5 – Adjusting Your Strategy

You have implemented the proper strategy and the results speak for themselves. Why may this strategy not be the one you need next year? Simply because your organization's environment and reality change. Budgets are tighter, new products are developed, new equipment is installed, etc. You must be able to adapt to this reality continuously.

C) Managing health and safety

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