Trilogy Managing Health and Safety

The trilogy Managing Health and Safety is now available. The first book of the trilogy, Managing health and safety. Get the Best, Prevent the Worst, will help you and your administrators to easily understand how to get 80% of the results with 20% of the effort. It will also help you to understand the roles and responsibilities pertaining to health and safety and how to be diligent.

The second book, Managing Health and Safety. How to Obtain Safe Behaviours, demystifies the behaviour question in terms of prevention. Therefore, you will finally know how to obtain safe behaviours over the long term and raise your teams' awareness of their responsibilities with respect to health and safety. Be careful; you are in for several surprises!

Finally, the last book of the trilogy discusses the importance of adopting a good health and safety strategy. Health and safety is risk management, and those who are without a strategy end up improvising, not managing. Strategy, efficiency, game plan execution, roles and responsibilities: everything you need to succeed. This book is particularly useful for senior managers, but it is relevant for everyone.

Trilogy Managing Health and Safety

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