DiagnOHSTic – Two-Day Seminar

This health and safety management seminar is available only from Gestion Authentique and was developed using new concepts and an innovative approach. The material and examples used are simple, specific and different.


Over two days, participants are prompted to reflect on their roles and responsibilities in terms of OHS management and reasonable diligence. The three main legal duties of managers – foresight, effectiveness and authority – are presented and broken down into 35 different subjects, and participants self-assess their mastery of each area.


The self-assessment involves key elements pertaining to health and safety management as well as reasonable diligence with regard to prevention. At the end of the seminar, participants are equipped to build a strategy based on the 20% of efforts that will produce 80% of the results, ensuring at the same time their reasonable diligence and performance results. A special welcome to all those who like to lead the parade and enjoy tangible results.